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Sex Games

Genre:  Adult    |     Year: 1985    |     Publisher: Landisoft     |     Developer: (unknown)
Sex Games Screenshot 1
Game Review (written by Chrissi) Added on: 12/07/2007
Sex Games an R-rated game that can be very amusing. The game is pretty much based on the ever so popular act of sex. The game does require you to have patience with the joystick and do things at the right motion for it to work properly.
Sex Games is definitely a game that is out of this world. There isn’t much of a plot to this game other then that it is a game you keep hidden from your parents so they don’t think you are doing something quite overly wrong. The game can be somewhat difficult in a way. If you aren’t doing the joystick movement’s right then nothing exciting will begin to happen.
With a game being this outrageous it would make you wonder what is so exciting about this game. Well overall the game becomes quite humorous with what you are watching. You’d never expect to be sitting playing a game with a bunch of characters doing sexual acts. The game will show you some ridiculous positions as well as the oldies. The game can be a great learning experience in a way, but don’t get too enthralled; it may look weird in another person’s eyes.
Sex Games make you participate in a few different things to get everything going. You first must actually get the girls naked, which can be a task if you are new to the game. It is as simple as clicking them though, so if you’ve been attempting this for years, now its time to get those ladies naked. Once you’ve done this you will begin taking part in the act of dirty happenings.
Overall the game has phenomenal graphics; the animation that goes along with the game is great. Everything works well!
Sex Games is a well-designed game comically. If you were looking for a good laugh while still playing a great game, then Sex Games would be a wonderful addition to your R-rated games collection. I highly recommend downloading such wonderful game! You’ll be satisfied and impressed!
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