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Janitor Joe

Genre:  Arcade    |     Year: 1984    |     Publisher: Kevin Bales     |     Developer: unknown
Game Review 1 (written by Mextrus) Added on: 12/13/2006
This game was originally created by Kevin Bales around 1984. The premise is that you are Janitor Joe, who must escape from a NASA space station by collection keys. Originally released via BBS the game had just 5 levels, each of which required a different tactic to successfully collect all the keys in the level. The graphics are highly old school retro, of the sort commonly found pre-Micro Man.
Although the game has limited colors, it was designed and coded in only around 5 days.
As such its colors are easily simplified for viewing on older monochrome screens. Often the solution to obtaining a particular key is found by way of experimentation. Dangers to the player include a limited oxygen supply. (You are on a space station, remember?) And you’re moving robots commonly on their own set movement paths.
Beware, when the player is nearby they will actively follow and attempt to kill the player. Falling large distances results in the player character being squished, resulting in death. Stop Reading here if you don't want to know the various movement quirks. Each level adds a progressively more interesting way to aid Janitor Joe to reach the keys in the level. Such contrivances include slides, which Janitor
Janitor Joe Screenshot 1Janitor Joe Screenshot 2Janitor Joe Screenshot 3
Joe can use to quickly escape robots.
Elevators carry Joe to a higher platform. Ladders on which he can stop in the middle so long as his feet don't touch the robot's head and he doesn't get zapped. Around level 4 there are invisible ladders which are necessary to reach particularly hard to get keys. Level 5 adds moving platforms to the mix, allowing the player to pit his movement skills against an increasing number of semi-intelligent robots bent on killing him.
While this game may seem simplistic, it was also one of the most widely circulated games of the time period. When asked why he hadn't made a for-pay version of the game, the creator responded that the game was more of experimentation than anything else. This game can be downloaded easily in a number of places including Abandon Ware online. This game is highly popular in gaming circles.

Game Review 2 (written by Hoesingp) Added on: 10/04/2006
This game is a classic. The premise of the game is the following: Janitor Joe is stranded on a space station that has been taken over by tons and tons of robots. He must jump over them, thus the jump Joe title, to get to the top of each level.
I haven't seen this game anywhere for years, and I remember playing it in the late 1980s on an old DOS computer platform. It really works well to download it here. It is such a crude and rudimentary game for anyone, so it works well for all ages, which is excellent. There are several cheats that can be found for this game in many places on the internet, but the game is not that hard, so I wouldn't recommend doing them.
Here are a couple of pointers for the game. Wait until you are very close to the robots before jumping over them. If you jump too early, you will obviously run right into the robots, which kills you, and is therefore not very desirable.
Some people say that this game reminds them of Pacman. While it dates to a similar era, I think Janitor Joe has some better features than those of Pacman. Of course they are both two dimensional, but with Janitor Joe you can actually jump over the opponent rather than strictly having to go around them. There are also several more levels to Janitor Joe when compared with Pac man or Ms. Pac man.
The possibilities are endless, and Janitor Joe's difficulty increases greatly in the later levels. People that I know that play Janitor Joe also enjoy games such as Pit Fall, Pacman, commander keen, duke nukem, breakout, bricks, and many others. I believe Janitor Joe trumps all of these games with its rudimentary game play and old school style. You can have tons of fun playing it for hours, and you will rarely tire out from playing it. So I encourage all reading this to download jump Joe, or janitor Joe, if you can find it, and take a break from the technologically advanced, more modern video games that are so popular on the market today. Go back to the old school style of a fully functional, two dimensional eighties game. I have enjoyed playing it for years, and I am most certain that all who download it or otherwise acquire it will enjoy it as well. It's a ton of fun.
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Kennamy (01/06/2008)
The game is excellent fun. The graphics are great.

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