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Baby Type

Genre:  Educational    |     Year: 1993    |     Publisher: DOKA     |     Developer: (unknown)
Game Review (written by Shannon) Added on: 04/14/2008
In today’s modern world of computers and massive advanced technology, knowing how to use a personal computer is practically a necessity instead of a luxury that can be considered an asset. Knowing how to use one quickly and efficiently is another story. Today, typing skills are no longer requirements of people in secretarial fields and other areas of business. Even lay people and “average Joes” benefit from the ability to communicate quickly and effectively by typing their communications or directives into a keyboard.
The typing tutor has become a popular educational gaming system.
Not only are they used for people who are of a generation that had to develop computer skills on their own, but they are also popular with kids who are getting an early start on the field before even entering school. There are many typing tutors available that will help teach computer operators of all ages and skill levels the most efficient and easiest methods of inputting information into a computer. Baby Type is one of these edutainment titles.
Overshadowed to some extent by the more commercially renowned Mavis Beacon typing tutors, Baby Type is a game oriented typing tutor that was developed and released by DOKA. While Mavis Beacon is more lesson oriented, Baby Type runs more like a scrolling platform game.
Baby Type Screenshot 1Baby Type Screenshot 2Baby Type Screenshot 3
The user has to type accurately and quickly in order to help his character advance in the game. There are enemies and obstacles, all of which can be avoided with fast and accurate typing. When an error is made, the mistake bar is raised one notch. When it is filled, the hero character dies on the screen and the user loses the game. Baby Type is available in several different languages, including English, German, Russian and French. There is only one keyboard available, and that is the standard English QWERTY board, so users of other languages will require some flexibility in order to achieve success in the game. The alphabets available for on screen typing can be changed, which will increase or decrease the difficulty of the game. Another wonderful feature is the fact that the game can only be exited using the mouse. None of the buttons on the keyboard will cause a player to exit the game accidentally. In other words, a child is not going to accidentally strike the “ESC” key and kill a very good game, becoming frustrated and desiring to quit.
Baby Type is a really nice typing tutor. While it is designed for younger kids, it will serve a purpose to beginning adults as well. The game play is addictive, and it will make kids want to keep playing, and keep learning. Instead of getting better at various levels of a game, however, they will be gaining a skill they will use for the rest of their lives.

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